Ion race through the crystals/thin-films


Svenja Lohmann

Epi #5 Meet the Curator | Ion race through the crystals/thin-filmsPranoti | Svenja
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PhD Student

Departement of Physics and Astronomy

Uppsala University

Epi #6 Meet the Curator | Ion race through the crystals/thin-filmsPranoti | Svenja
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Please explain your research in simple words

I am doing my PhD in a a field, in which we use ion beams from particle accelerators for analysing materials. My specific project focuses on ions with very low energies and how they interact with the electrons in matter. Slow ions are special in a way that they "see" more of the specific structure of the material instead of just flying by as a quick perturbation.

  • Intro + overview about the accelerator lab I'm working in

  • How ions are used for materials analysis/some basic methods

  • My latest project focusing on silicon crystals

  • Time for questions/things that came up in the last days

  • My work flow (typical day in the lab over analysis etc.)

  • Doing PhD in Sweden and some of my experiences in PhD representation here (I'm part of the doctoral board at my university)

What can the followers expect in your curation week?

How did you end up in your current research field?

I changed specilisation a few times during Bsc and MSc but at some point developed a preference to working hands-on on medium-sized experimental set-ups (think not CERN but not table-top either) and definitely accelerators. I also wanted to have the experience of doing a PhD abroad so I specifically looked for positions outside Germany where I'm from.

Well, I'm not studying a specific material but working on fundamental interactions that can help to improve/develop methods for analysing materials, expecially crystalline and very thin samples.

How and where does your research fall in the domain of materials/nano science?

Which research project are you most proud of and could you explain it in simple words in the section we call #InOtherwords?

Definitely, my latest project on energy loss of ions in silicon crystals. I think I can explain it in other words (I hope at least)

I'm teaching an introduction course for new physics Bachelor students

If you teach, which are the courses would you like to mention?

If you had 3 wishes to improve your research experience, what would you ask for (not promising anything here!)?

1. Better programming training during my studies (I would benefit a lot from it now)

2. More lab time less time in front of the computer doing analysis (see point 1)

3. Less sexism on conferences

Going to a conference in Japan in November and on a more personal note going home for Christmas

What are you most looking forward to in the next 3 months?

Which challenges/questions is the nano/materials science field facing at the moment?

I think the same ones as all of science.

1. making science more equal (on many levels from between countries to gender equality etc.)

2. Become less dependent on flying to conferences multiple times a year while still staying connected.