Growing nanoparticles with magnets


Steve Maguire

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SNOLAB (Canada)

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Please explain your research in simple words

I found a way to synthesise silver nanoparticles quickly and simply using UV light, which made a better product that the previous photosynthesis methods. My particles were beautifully yellow, as opposed to the brown gunk other people made.

Care and feeding of silver nanoparticles, how to survive grad school, what happens when things don't go the way you planned, how to communicate your nano-science.

What can the followers expect in your curation week?

How did you end up in your current research field?

My current field is not nano. I did nano in grad school because I showed up to do zeolites, and my supervisor handed me a nano project instead

Synthesis of nanomaterials. Since I left the group,

How and where does your research fall in the domain of materials/nano science?

Which research project are you most proud of and could you explain it in simple words in the section we call #InOtherwords?

My M.Sc. thesis. I shone light on some chemicals, and they instantly turned yellow, much quicker, much easier and much prettier than anyone had managed before. My old group has built an entire research sector on my first experiments.

1. To know then what I know now

2. To understand that everyone else was just struggling like I was

3. For things to actually work

If you had 3 wishes to improve your research experience, what would you ask for (not promising anything here!)?

What are you most looking forward to in the next 3 months?

Finding a job