July 2020
  • Week 29_Sean.JPG

    Postdoctoral Scholar

    The University of California, Los Angeles (USA)

    "Nanotaxies for Curing Cancer"

  • week 28_Haley.jpg

    Doctoral Candidate of Nanoscience The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (USA)

    "Sending Boron Nitride Nanotubes to Space"

June/July 2020
  • Benjamin.jpg

    Professor and Director of Sydney Nano

    University of Sydney (Australia)

    "Photons on a Chip"

  • Patrick_week 25.jpg

    Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

    UNSW Sydney (Australia)

    "Squishy Nanomaterials & their Interactions with Surfaces"

  • Candice_week 24.jpg


    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    The University of Sheffield (UK)

    "Cutting Through

    the Hype of

    3D printing"

May 2020
  • bowen.png

    Materials Professor

    University of Bath (UK)

    "Wonderful World of Smart Materials"

  • upulie_edited.jpg

    Researcher / Co-founder

    University of Auckland (New Zealand)

    / Real Scientists

    "From Nano to the Macro"

  • Armstrong_ James _2_cropped.jpg

    Research Associate

    Imperial College London (UK)

    "Making Cells Dance

    - Acoustic Tissue Engineering"

  • Damien_Leech.png

    Research Associate

    Centre for Fine Print Research

    University of the West of England (UK)

    "Reading the Fine Print – How Material Science Informs Both Art and Manufacture"

April 2020
  • week 18_craig.jpg

    Associate Professor

    Lincoln University (New Zealand)

    "Fertilizers to Vaccines

    - Materials Science is Everywhere"

  • Vivian_Tong.jpg

    Higher Research Scientist

    National Physical Laboratory (UK)

    "Dancing Electrons Telling Material Stories"

  • Gregor_week 14.jpg

    Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

    Head of Junior Research Group Biogenic Nanotherapeutics (Germany)

    "Nano Drug Deliveries Inspired by Nature"

March 2020
  • Thomas_Swift_01.jpg

    Lecturer in Polymer Chemistry

    University of Bradford (UK)

    "Using & Abusing

    Smart Polymers"

  • week 11_Tanvir Hussain.jpg

    A/Prof Materials Engg & Programme Director for Aerospace Engg

    University of Nottingham  (UK)

    "Surafces Made Magical with Nanoparticles"

  • week 10_amy.png

    Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow

    RMIT University (Australia)

    "Frankenstein on the Nanoscale"

February 2020
  • week 8_Izzy.jpeg

    UKRI Future Leader Fellow

    University of Leeds (UK)

    "Visualizing Life at Nanoscale"

  • week 7_Charlie.jpg

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    The University of Manchester (UK)

    "From Shampoo to LCD - a Theoretical Approach"

  • week 6_laia.jpeg

    Doctoral Assistant

    EPFL (Switzerland)

    "Cooking at Nanoscale with Colloidal Chemistry"

January 2020
  • Week 5_Kameron.jpeg

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Janssen Research & Development (USA)


    New Medicines"

  • Siva Shakti.png

    Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram (India)

    "Dancing Light at Nanoscale"

  • 02.jpg

    Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg (Germany)

    "DNA Origami: Building Synthetic Cells"

  • week2_Andrew.jpg

    Keeley-Rutherford Junior Research Fellow

    Oxford University / STFC (UK)

    "Queer and Quantum Magnetism"

December 2019
  • 20191211_132259.jpg

    Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, Sandia National Laboratory (USA)

    "Tiny magnets - what are they for?!"

  • week50_Matthew.jpg

    Associate Professor 

    University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

    "Tons of nanomaterials: Big science and little details"

  • Rachel.jpg

    Professor of Materials Science

    University of Cambridge

    "Little lights

    with big ideas"

November 2019
  • Thorsten.png

    Managing Director of Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat

    University of Würzburg

    "Squeezing light with nanoantennas"

  • Matthew.jpg

    University of Virginia




  • Poornima.JPG

    Harvard University


    "let there

    be light"

  • Oxford University


    "Playing snooker

    with atoms"

October 2019


    "Growing nanoparticles with magnets"

  • Associate Professor

    University of Sydeny

    "Size matters,

    in medicine"

  • PhD student

    Uppsala University (Sweden)

    "Ion race through the crystals/thin-films"

  • Associate Professor

    Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

    "Harmonic generation with a nanoscale guitar string"

  • Associate Research Professor

    University of South Australia

    "From electron transfer to production line"

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